Private Label Cosmetics: What it Is, How It Works + Who to Work With

Maybe you woke up today and realized that you were a queen (or king – no judgement), who needed to bless the rest of the world with her unique prerogative on beauty.

..or perhaps this was a long time coming (shout out to the makeup stash that’s slowly taking over your apartment – hey, should it pitch in on rent?)

But today you want to know all about making your own private label cosmetic line.

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Introducing: Our Custom Color Lipgloss Sampling Service

Have you always wanted to get a sample of a lipgloss color that you just LOVE? Maybe you love the color, but you're not sure how it would look as a lippie. Well, baby, you are in luck!

In an effort to streamline our custom lippie services, we are now offering a $100 custom color lippie sampling service. That's right - just $100.

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Updated: How to Create Your Own Lipgloss / Liquid Lipstick Line in 7 Easy Steps

Lipgloss lines are the hottest new thing. With Genie Supply Labs, you can create your private label custom (that is - LOGO PRINTED TUBES, LADIES!) lipgloss line with up to 5 colors (50 colors/unit) for just $1000. The packages and pricing per unit only get better from there. Glossy? Matte? Glitter? Mica? We got that. Custom everything? That, too. So strap in, and read carefully. We’re about to spill the tea.

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