How to Create Your Own Liquid Lipstick / Lipgloss Line

Probably two or three times a week, we receive an email from a budding entrepreneur (probably like yourself!) looking to start a lipgloss or liquid lipstick line. So today, we're going to nail down exactly how to do that--on a budget.

When we see #bossbabes like Kylie Jenner successfully create and launch a lippie line out of nowhere, it's definitely inspiring. Even though we don't all have the tens of millions of followers that Jenner does, we can start somewhere, right? 

But how?

Of all the products out there, liquid lippies might be the easiest to start on a budget. Why? Because they're so popular that products and services have sprung up all over the web to cater to this new market segment. So let's dive into everything that you'll need, and some of the ways to get it done on a budget, so you can start creating and growing your own lippie line today!

Full range of in-stock matte liquid lippies; MOQ 200 units/color; 500 units/color for custom color

Full range of in-stock matte liquid lippies; MOQ 200 units/color; 500 units/color for custom color

Full range of in-stock glitter glosses; MOQ 200 units/color, 500 units/color for custom color

Full range of in-stock glitter glosses; MOQ 200 units/color, 500 units/color for custom color


Option 1: Total Turnkey with Genie Supply

The easiest and most glamorous of all the options on the market, you can work with a factory agency like ours to create your entire line from scratch. The best part about working with us is that we already have the contacts, the formula, the QC processes and the design capabilities to get your lippies done quickly and correctly.

When you're creating a lipgloss line--or any product for that matter--you'll need:

- A company logo and logo design

- Colors, shimmers and finishes picked out

- A box design (for the outer box)

- A UPC code* (for retail, if you're ready)

If it's your first time manufacturing or you're a one-woman-show, this might be tough to pull off on your first order. With an agency, all the services are in-house, so you can get your logo, box design, regulatory check, UPC code set-up, colors and finishes in factory terms, sample checks, QC (quality control) checks and assembly, all in one.

However, all of those things add up. You need a bit more of a budget when working with an agency.


When you create your liquid lipstick line with us, you can:

- 3 packaging options (min order 500 units)

- Screenprint your logo on one of our economic packaging options (1000 unit minimum)

- 16 matte in-stock colors, 20+ shimmer gloss colors (min order 200/color)

- Custom matte and gloss shades (min order 500/color; includes sample checks by us for color matching)

- Logo design, box design, UPC code set-up, FDA check billed separately at economic pricing

We do all of the logistics; you get the final product at your door, looking professional and ready to sell online and in-stores.

For a total turnkey project with 5 in-stock colors, logo-printed packaging and a custom box, I'd expect the price to be $4000 USD plus shipping.

$4000 to start your own liquid lippie line? $4000 to start your own line that could be sold in stores.. NOW?! 

What could be better than that? 

A verified, certified #bossbabe move, if I do say so myself. If we're the partner you've been looking for, go ahead and email us today.

P.S. - Of course you can always make ANY packaging you want for your lipgloss line, but the MOQs start at 5,000 - 10,000 units. Custom printed squeeze tubes start at 3,000 units total. We only have 3 economic options to keep it easy and cheap.

3 economic lipgloss container options; MOQ 500 units / custom screen-printing MOQ 1000 units

3 economic lipgloss container options; MOQ 500 units / custom screen-printing MOQ 1000 units


Option 2: Half/Half Option

If you still want the feel of high-end retail without the manufacturing price tag, try DIY-ing the colors and formulations, and working with us to make your custom logo-printed packaging. Again, we only have 3 options for the lipgloss packaging, but when you print your own logo on it? You elevate the entire look and feel of your brand. You become legitimate instantly.

New to formulating? No problem.

You can still do it yourself.

One way to DIY your lippie line is to buy a lipgloss base and mix in your own pigments, to get the desired colors you want. Note: some bases need to be mixed with a high-speed mixer to ensure proper pigment dispersion, so check with the manufacturer.

Make sure to follow the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices, to ensure that your cosmetics are safe and stable for consumers to use. This can be done in your own home, but you do need to make sure to read the rules thoroughly and pay attention to details and recording-keeping during the process.

Then, with 1000 screenprinted packaging units (and boxes, if you wish) from us, and the custom color lippies made by you, you can do the filling and assembly and.. viola! 1000 units ready to go.

For a project like this, between what you spend on the formulation and colors, and our pricing for the custom packaging, I'd expect you to spend about $2000 USD to start your own line (1000 units).

P.S. One awesome aspect of the half/half option is that you do not need to fill all the 1000 lippie units right away! You can fill some now and keep the packaging for later. Just fill as they sell, or fill one month's worth at a time. In this same way, you can order 5000 custom printed units, and fill 500 at a time, as they sell.


Option 3: Total DIY Option

So, you're on a budget? Screenprinting might be out of the question with a total DIY option, but that doesn't mean your lipgloss line dream has to suffer. Just consider it one step in the path toward creating your own full-fledged beauty line. Persistence is key, after all!

Follow the same steps for creating your custom colored lippie formula in Option 2.

However, when it comes time for the packaging, look to none other than

On Amazon, you can find simple, non-printed lipgloss packaging, like this squeeze tube or these tubes (similar to one of our economic options).

You can purchase 10 units here or there, and together with a custom-printed label--which you can make at home, on your printer, using something like these clear Avery 0.5" x 1.75" labels--you'll have your own lippie line, designed and created by you entirely.

If you want a custom box, I would suggest searching for an appropriate sized white or kraft cardboard box, and use a combination of Avery labels and custom-made rubber stamps to achieve what you want.

You will have to supply your own logo and design for the label, box and any rubber stamps, but together with a student's copy of Adobe Illustrator ($19/month), a few late nights on Youtube, and perusing through fontspace, I think you'll have what you're looking for. 

In the very least, with all that free time spent learning AI and cheap trial and error, you'll be totally ready when it's time for Option 2 or Option 1.

I estimate that using this option, you can make your own starter line (50-100 units) for anywhere from $100 - $300 USD. You'll also learn a hell of a lot in the process.


Next Steps + Takeaways: The Scale Up

Depending on your budget and cash flow, it might make sense for you to move from Option 3, to Option 2, then eventually Option 1 and beyond. Remember, as an entrepreneur, you will be wearing a lot of hats and juggling a lot of responsibilities, so you don't want to have to do every design, check every color, make the formulas and packaging, and do the filling and assembly by yourself forever.

The point of starting a business is to scale and delegate; grow it beyond yourself so that you can earn an income for yourself and potentially others as well.

When it comes time for Option 2, Option 1, or even further than that (more than 2000 units total), contact us with all the details for a quote. Delegate some of the work to us; you won't regret it.