Private Label Organic Skin Care

If you’re looking for a manufacturer for your organic skin care line, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a small private label and custom formulation skincare/cosmetics lab located in Indiana (USA). We can contract manufacture your existing formulations – even if you’ve just been tinkering around – you can choose from our broad range of private label organic skincare formulations, or we can start from scratch and make your organic skincare formulation totally custom. Our lab’s specific focus is on new and emerging brands and markets. We work with budgets, low minimum order quantities, and totally crazy, new ideas.

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How-to: Create Your Own Highlighter Line

In the past 3 years, highlighters – once a relatively unknown item in beauty lines – have exploded in popularity. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star, BECCA and many others have “brought the glow”, and with influencer collaborations and new highlighter forms taking shape (Geleés? Jellies? Wet Drops? Dry Drops?) there’s no better time than now to create your own highlighter line.

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Lipstick Packaging: The Newest and Best in Lipstick Tubes at Genie Supply

One of the biggest (and most frequent!) compliments we receive from our customers is that we always have the freshest and most unique cosmetic packaging options - all at no minimum order quantity. We add new options every month, with the need for contemporary style and a wide selection of color choices in mind. After all - we don't want your brand to look like everybody else's! And it doesn't have to - even if it's a private label line.

Today, we’re introducing you to our top 5 lipstick tube choices at Genie Supply. All beautiful, all unique, all available now at no minimum order quantity.

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Private Label Cosmetics Guide: What it Is, How It Works + Who to Work With

Maybe you woke up today and realized that you were a queen (or king – no judgement), who needed to bless the rest of the world with her unique prerogative on beauty.

..or perhaps this was a long time coming (shout out to the makeup stash that’s slowly taking over your apartment – hey, should it pitch in on rent?)

But today you want to know all about making your own private label cosmetic line.

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