How to Create the Perfect Foundation Brush

Choosing the right brush for applying foundation—or to add to your brush line for those applying foundation—can be trickier than finding the perfect foundation in the first place! Follow our simple guide points to finding the perfect foundation brush.


1. Rigidity: For a powder foundation, you'll want a more rigid bristle, like a stippling brush. For a liquid foundation an even more rigid, but more dense bristle is required.

2. Bristle Density: Choose a rich, full bristle density for best application.

3. Bristle Width: The perfect width for a foundation brush is about 4cm.

4. Bristle Length: bristle length of approximately 5cm

5. Grip: The grip should be very sturdy, as one will be applying foundation all over the face, not just to small areas.

6. Material: The best selection is mink or a non-absorbent synthetic material (for the eco-friendly and vegan/vegetarian among us).


A Note on Synthetic Brushes:

The biggest advantage of synethtic bristles—besides the consumer angle-is that the bristles have a high degree of spreadability, and release liquid foundation excellently and homogeneously without wasting any foundation in the process.

When it comes to maintenance, a foundation brush should be cleaned weekly. Synethetic brushes are less likely to carry a smell.

New synthetic materials like nylon are gentle to the touch, and apply makeup easily to any texture.