Unique Beauty Packaging Trends in 2016

2016 has already proven to be an interesting year for beauty and cosmetic packaging. We've had several requests from clients for packaging that they cannot find anywhere else in the world. Some of the cosmetic packaging is uniquely manufactured in China or Hong Kong, while others are simply sold out in other areas of the world.

Here are the top 5 cosmetic packaging trends that are changing the industry in 2016:

1. Eyeshadow Compacts

Eyeshadow compacts are getting more and more complicated, and more beautiful. Instagram celebrities and bloggers are collaborating with bigger companies, and really upping the ante on what it means to have beautiful cosmetic packaging.

2. Cosmetic Pencils

Cosmetic pencils are all the rage in 2016. As a multi-use cosmetic, they offer lasting and evolving color for lips, eyes, brows and more. Multi-use pencils are becoming very popular; so much so that manufacturers are running out! They are undeniably a tough beauty product to find, as popularity has skyrocketed and traditional manufacturers are facing shortages and backorders across the globe. Waitlists are backed up for years.

China, however, has a unique supply of wood, untapped by the rest of the world. Genie Supply has been able to secure relationships making these pencils..not so difficult to make.  If you need to make cosmetic pencils, please contact us for a quote.

3. Multi-use cosmetic packaging

As the number of beauty companies rises, companies are under pressure to make each product more efficient. Users are feeling overwhelmed by the number of beauty products in their regimen; cosmetic packaging needs to be multi-fuctional, intuitive and aesthetic. This is really shaking up the industry; it has led individual companies to make their own molds and models, and eschew the past model of rebranding off-the-shelf packaging. Companies like Younique and MILK cosmetics (recently picked up by Sephora) are making multi-use cosmetic packaging look more and more attractive, as they prove the consumer demand for such packaging.

4. Ratchet Pens

Companies are leaving ratchet pens behind for dropper bottles and dip-pens, but an uptick in quality on the Chinese manufacturing side and strong desire for multi-functional cosmetic packaging could lead to an uptick in ratchet pen consumption by beauty companies. Keep a look out for better, more reliable ratchet pens for a variety of cosmetics as we round out 2016.

5. Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles are becoming wildly popular in 2016, thanks to companies like Farsali (creators of the gold-flecked beauty oil). Dropper bottles are typically made of glass and acrylic, giving them a high-quality feel. Dark and amber varieties can protect cosmetics from spoilage or deactivation of key ingredients due to light. However, the precision of application and mess-free aspect still require much work. We expect to see huge improvements on this packaging throughout 2016 and beyond.

What did we miss? Feel free to weigh in below on the ever-evolving cosmetic packaging industry! 

If you're looking to have your own custom cosmetic packaging made, please contact us today and an associate will be in touch within 24 hours.