Paper or Plastic? Trends in Cosmetic Compacts

Today I want to talk about cosmetic compacts. From variations in pan size, pan number, shape, overall size, color, material, brush or no brush? Mirror or no mirror? There's definitely a lot to choose from.

Currently, the only material choices for cosmetic compacts are paper and plastic. Today I'll dive into the two types of compacts, and the pros and cons of each.


Plastic Cosmetic Compacts

One of the biggest considerations when creating a new cosmetic product is the minimum order quantity of its packaging. When you create a new plastic cosmetic compact mold, it will require more money than a new mold for a paper cosmetic compact.  Plastic cosmetic compacts will last longer than paper ones, but are less environmentally friendly.  Plastic also has a lot more capability for taking on different exciting shapes.

Popular molds include the 3-pan and 5-pan eyeshadow kits, and single pan foundation compacts.


Paper Cosmetic Compacts

Paper compacts are--you guessed it--made of paper. They are new to the market, and a favorite of many consumer's because of the decreased impact on the environment, biodegradability and recyclability. A new mold is cheaper to make for a paper compact, but here is something to consider before creating a new paper cosmetic compact: paper compacts are very easily damaged by water, and most consumers apply their morning makeup near the sink.

That being said, the sustainability piece bodes well with consumers. It's easy to print on paper compacts, and they're a hot new trend!


Who will rule the future of compacts: Paper or Plastic?

Who knows! Maybe paper, maybe plastic, maybe a mix. In the mean time, choose what makes the most sense with your company's value and budget, as well as your consumer's.