Acrylic Cosmetics Jars: What to Know Before You Buy + How to Spot a Fake

Today I want to talk about acrylic cosmetic jars, and some important things you should know to look for before ordering them. I can't give a rundown of every type of cosmetic jar, because there's thousands of designs, capacities and materials, but we'll hit the highlights about this popular type of cosmetic jar.

I'm going to use some acrylic jars from the Genie Supply catalog to show my points:

--> JR-001, 0004, 0006, 007, 0008, 0009, 0010, 11, 13, 14<---

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These cosmetic jars are high quality jars, mostly for viscous cosmetic products, like lotions or gelees. They're a good value for the price, and the pricing within the cosmetic packaging market is relatively stable (not volatile).

Each of these jars is made from acrylic. They look great, they're not easy to break (yes!) and have great visibility as they are clear. Please note that not every product is suitable for a clear jar. Some products need to be protected from light to protect the stability of the formulation and/or to prevent oxidation.

Acrylic jars are comfortable to the touch. If you think about it, you can tell best by the comfortablilty of touch if an item is high-quality or low-quality (think about cheap purses or clothes versus true quality - it makes a difference!). 

Alright, now that I've talked up acrylic, here comes the bad part: a lot of factories will make FAKE acrylic jars. YES, that's right. Like any market controlled by China, fakes are a harsh reality of the cosmetic packaging market.

So how can you spot a fake?

Here's my best advice: check the polishing effect and hardness of the acrylic. Some acrylic jars have plastic in the middle (to cut down on the amount of acrylic used) and the middle easily comes out. You can also smell and feel cheap plastic. Give it a smell, weigh it out, feel it.. and FOLLOW your instincts!

As with everything else, if the price is lower than expected, you need to ask why. Does this factory have direct access to quality acrylic through a long-standing relationship? Do they produce most of the acrylic jars in the world? Are they known for being very fairly priced? Do they just need to dump some extra pre-made units fast for year-end accounting?

Or is it something more sinister. Do they not pay their workers fair wages? Are they faking acrylic? How are they making your products anyway?

You need to answer these questions for yourself. As with anything else, if it smells fishy, it probably is!  So literally, give it a smell! And always get samples before mass production.

If you're looking for low-cost, high-quality acrylic jars, contact us today for our Jar Catalog or a personalized quote.