Airless Bottles: What to Know About Airless Cosmetic Packaging

Airless bottles are gaining popularity very quickly among beauty companies, because of their slick designs, ease of use, and undeniable benefits. Airless cosmetic bottles dispense product evenly and reliably, making them an easy choice for high-end skin care and cosmetic companies. The ability of airless bottles to protect their contents from the air (hence the name "airless") also makes them a good choice for skin care products with a high chance of oxidizing (and thus losing their effectiveness). 

The contents of airless bottles can be completely separate from the air. The most popular design on the market is a cylinder airless bottle.  It has a chamber for the product inside attached to a piston, that glides up as you pump.

It's design principle is to use the force contraction of the spring, without letting air go inside the bottle (resulting in an airless bottle) and using the air pressure inside to push the bottom of the piston forward.  However, if the spring force and air pressure can not give enough power, the piston due to the resistance is too large to move forward to rise. On the other hand, if the piston moves forward too easily, the bottle will be prone to leakage of the materials inside. This is why it's important to check the final samples from the factory, to ensure the quality of their airless bottles.

Airless bottle are more and more popular, as they have been launched in beauty lines frequently as one of the latest trends in skin care product packaging, because they can effectively protect both the products' quality and freshness.

So why don't we use airless bottles for everything? You'd have to convert everything to creams and serums first, and that's not an optimal form for every cosmetic. Airless bottles are only used in a couples categories of products, like: face washes, face serums and creams, and foundation.  

Pay attention to details ensure your final product is "fresh", "natural" and "preservative-free". Let your idea come to life!

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