How to Know if your Cosmetic Packaging is Good: A Scoring Guide

Businesses always lose customers on their packaging, but it's not always their fault. There are, however, some things you must know about packaging..  yesterday.

I'm breaking it down into percentages (based on importance of each item) for you, so you can know where you stand:


1. The Basics (30%)

The brand logo: your logo should be the most important, prominent feature on the outer packaging. Your customers need to see and remember your brand name, without even knowing they remember it. So make that baby memorable, and smack it on there. 

Speaking of.. have you ever completed the brand logo challenge? (click here) Some are easier than you'd think, others are harder. Take a cue.


2. Material (30%)  

I will always pay attention to this part, because it is only way for customers to tell how professional your company is. Give customers the real thing; high-level material is better than any commercial.


3. Shape (20%)  

Almost as important as brand logo is the shape of your packaging or bottle. The shape of your packaging is how you can attract customers. The shape of your packaging can impact more than aesthetics: it can impact usability. Beat out the competition by using ergonomic design.


4. Color (10%)  

Let me explain how it works for you by giving two examples:  

- When someone says "hospital", what color do you see?


- When someone says "McDonald's" what color do you see?


Choose the right color to fit your soul of your products. It's what your customers will remember.


5. Pattern (5%)

Depending on what your products do, some products need more or less pattern to highlight what it does. Patterns also display the personality of the product, and therefore, the consumer.


6. Size (5%)

Big or small. Obtuse or acute. Delicate or intruding. Choose the perfect size for your product and brand, for it's brand, design, and use. 

If you choose clothes that are bigger than you need, the size you need, or smaller than you need: which is the best looking? Of course, the size you actually need. So choose this size for your product.


Now you know how to objectively think about your packaging, and give yourself a score. 

How well did you do?

If you need help choosing the perfect packaging for your product or brand, feel free to contact us at anytime for a quote or consultation.