How to Choose Your Cosmetic Jar: 3 Different Acrylic Jar + Cap Types to Choose From

Choosing your cosmetic jar can be tricky, especially if you haven't seen many different types before! It can be eye-opening when you move from being a consumer to being a manufacturer--you'll notice things you never saw before, that were right in front of yours eyes. When it comes to cosmetic jars, it's time to start learning.



1. Acrylic Jar + Bakelite Cap


This one is made with fairly new technology. The best quality of all the jars, this acrylic jar comes with a special cap called Bakelite. It's not easy to break - which you can tell by the sound of it - and it's very comfortable to the touch (meaning, it has a great feel). The jar itself is acrylic.


This kind of jar is the most expensive, because of the cap. It's easy for the factory to accidentally break the cap in the process of making them. 


These jars can be a very high-level beauty product jar.



2. Frosted Acrylic Jar + PP Cap


This cap look the same to first one, but you can immediately tell the difference when the cap is in your hand. It's very lightweight, and feels cheaper. The cap is PP, and the bottle is forested acrylic. It's a very normal jar, but this size can be difficult to find.




3. Glossu Acrylic Jar + PP Cap


Same to #2, but unfrosted. One advantage of this jar is that it can keep your liquid products fresh for a long time.


When you choose a jar design, you should choose on where the inside is rolled, because can save a lot material.



Conclusion: 3 Acrylic Jars + Caps

You can choose from the options above, depending on what price, value and feel you want to hit. Vary the jar, cap, and printing to hit your specs.

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