Introduction to EVOH: The Newest Cosmetic Bottle Material

EVOH is a new material trend in cosmetic packaging. Lipstick tubes, Jars, Bottles and Mascara tubes all have a common element: EVOH.

What is EVOH exactly? EVOH stands for Enthylene vinyl alcohol copolymer. 

According to a recent paper published by WSU (here), "Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) is one of the best known flexible thermoplastic oxygen barrier materials in use today. It is especially important for refrigerated and shelf-stable foods where oxygen deteriorates the quality of packaged products and reduces their shelf life. EVOH accounts for a majority of thermoplastic barrier materials used for rigid or semi-rigid retortable food containers."

In other words:

1. EVOH has an excellent gas barrier and excellent processability properties

2. EVOH comes in many types: non-stretched, two-way stretch, vapor-deposited and aluminum--for sterile products.  It keeps the materials inside fresher, it looks better, and its also flexible, moldable and recyclable. It's used as the best barrier to light.


3. EVOH is very expensive. Therefore factories mix it with other materials, to make it workable and more reasonably priced for their customers.


EVOH it is usually co-extruded or laminated as a thin layer between cardboard, foil, film or plastics.  EVOH is always co-extruded with PE or PET, to give it a competitive advantage. However, the mixed materials create the best cosmetic containers to date.

Interested in using EVOH in your next project, to protect the shelf-life of your formulation while giving your customers the high-end feel they need? Contact us (here) to discuss and get your your quote today!