Why Batch Codes are Important to Cosmetic Manufacturing

Batch codes are very important to cosmetic products. You may have never noticed the batch code before. It's that small series of numbers and/or letters printed or stamped on the container. You might have just thought it was jibberish, but batch codes are, in fact, really important in cosmetic manufacturing. Here's why:


Let's start by showing where the batch codes come from. When factories make products, they will put a batch code on those products (usually on the bottom). They may screenprint it on with the normal information, but typically they stamp it on after the fact, once the bottle is finally filled. This is because the batch code is much less important to the bottle than it is to the contents inside. An empty bottle by itself doesn't matter much. The contents inside could possibly be recalled, due to unsafe or questionable materials inside, contaminated batches or ingredients, or possible safety breaches due to one or more incidents associated with said products.


In other words, batch codes are important because:

1. The batch code provides a manufacturing date. Let's say a customer emails you to find out if a product is okay to use. If there's no date on the bottle itself, you can use the batch code to trace the date that the batch inside was manufactured, and hopefully you can pull up the testing data from stabiility testing as well, so you can know the shelf life of the product.

2. The batch code assists the manufacturer in determining which batch on the market requires recall or resolution, in the case that there's some quality issues with customers.

3. The batch code is required for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). If there's a big issue with your product resulting in a lawsuit, the batch code will help you trace back where the issue stemmed from, helping you avoid liability for damages.

When you receive your goods from the factory – especially if they are OEM – always make sure to ask for and document the batch code.

You'll thank us later!