Updated: How to Create Your Own Lipgloss / Liquid Lipstick Line in 7 Easy Steps

Hi Megan,

I love lipgloss! I want to create my own liquid lipstick line. How do I do it?


I receive this exact email now 600+ times per month.

First, that's awesome.

Second, with so many resources on our site about making your own lipgloss line, I have to ask myself: Why am I still receiving these emails?

By nature I am long-winded. I'm a fast worker and a long-talker. Somehow, those two things work together. For at least 600 of you per month, that's not working. So let me remove the long-talker part now, and make this as easy as possible:


Updated: How to Create Your Own Liquid Lipstick or Lipgloss Line in 7 Steps

Step 1: Create a logo or have a designer make it for you.

Step 2: Find Your Package (here). $1000, $2500 or $5000? What fits your budget? 

Step 3: Choose a tube. We offer more than 17 options. Then, we print your logo on the tube, regardless of the package you choose.

Step 4: Choose your colors. Order samples! We offer 40+ in-stock colors and 18 micas (check out our sample pages to see!) We do also have glitter glosses and can make custom colors, too (just be aware custom colors are more pricey!).

Step 5: Choose your finish. Glossy or matte? 

Step 6: Create a box design*. If you order the $2500 or $5000 lipgloss line package, this box is included. This can be a tricky step, so we've created a "How-to design a box guide" here. You don't need a box, but it helps make your line look professional. We'll print it for you.

Step 7: Create sticker designs or pay us to design them for you. Depending on your package, you have different stickers included. Regardless of your package choice, you can always add more stickers! Do you want a sticker on the bottom of the tube to say what the color name and number are? Do you want a sticker on the bottom of your box (if you make one) that says the color name, number and has a small stripe of the swatch? Do you just need an ingredient sticker? Great. Send us designs or pay us to make them for you.

Step 7: Pay.  Go ahead and check out on that package you wanted. Send your designs to design@geniesupply.com, then sit back, relax, and wait for your finished, assembled units to arrive.


What about samples? If you need samples first, just go to one of our sample page (here) and pick them out! In-stock colors are just $2 each.


I hope this clears everything up.

It's really that easy! Just follow the 7 steps above and you'll have your own liquid lipstick line in a jiff!

From your perspective, if you're doing total turnkey (outlined above in the 7 steps), it's really easy. You choose what you want, pay, then wait for us to show you designs. Once you approve the designs, they are printed on the tube and/or boxes and/or stickers. We assemble and ship them. You receive them ready to sell. 

It usually takes 6-10 weeks from start to finish.

It's really easy, but YES, honey, you have to get started somewhere and YES that involves money. We don't offer financing directly, but we do have a few blogs (first one, second one) that describe how you can finance your line efficiently, even if you're on a tight budget.

Currently, our lowest project starts at just $1000 including shipping, so girl, what are you waiting for?!

Let's DO this!

P.S. We do more than lipgloss - we do any and everything under the sun beauty / cosmetics / skincare / beauty tool related. Just email us more info about your project/questions!