About: Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Screenprinting at Genie Supply

A big issue that many aspiring entrepreneurs run into is this:

"Sorry, our screenprinting minimum is 10,000 units."


"10,000 units? How am I going to pay for those? How will I sell them? Where will they even go" you might think.

It's true: Most factory minimums for screenprinting is 10,000 units.

If you're just getting started or you've been making the products yourself by ordering 10-100 units of packaging at a time on Aliexpress or Amazon, that reality is going to hurt. It means you'll have to keep printing and applying labels one at a time, by yourself, until you get to the 10k point.

And when will that point come? Who knows! With the trend of micro and niche brands on the rise, and with the internet making it easier than ever to create a small beauty brand, it seems unlikely that many of us will get to the 10k unit point. In fact, most beauty brands are profitable right from the beginning; they don't need to hit the 10k point or get investors to be profitable.

Here we have a classic case of the market supply not matching the market demand.

Good news: At Genie Supply, we have a solution.

If you need low MOQ screen printing done, we can do it for you. We have NO minimum order on our screenprinting services.

Yes, it can be a little pricey if you're ordering only 100 or 200 units at a time, and the more colors you screenprint on your packaging, the more expensive it will get. So if you're trying to keep it CLEAN, CLASSY and ON BUDGET, here's the steps you can take:


Step 1: Email us your packaging and design

If you're already making this product by hand, converting the sticker design to a screenprinting design is really that easy. You can convert the sticker design to a screenprint design in the blink of an eye - especially if your sticker had a clear background!

Just go to our screenprinting page - add to cart, pay - then email your packaging and design to us (email design@geniesupply.com), along with your requested MOQ. We will source your packaging, and give you the MOQ and give you the pricing at that MOQ.

Just so you know, pricing gets really affordable at 1000 units. So if you can swing it, do. Remember, you don't have to fill all 1000 units at once, but ordering 1000 units at a time will keep it affordable on a per unit and total package cost.

We recently completed a project like this for a customer and were able to secure 1000 units of packaging plus 1 color printing PLUS shipping for under $500 - all within 24 hours. Granted, the packaging is small, but if you can find your packaging on Aliexpress, we can source it within China cheaper than you can. I guarantee it.


Step 2: Confirm the Design

We will send the digital design to you for final confirmation. We can also make a printed sample, upon request, but the cost will be born by you, the customer. 


Step 3: Sit Back & Relax

Yep, it's that easy. After you have sent us the image and design, we've sourced it, you've paid and confirmed, just sit back and relax while we do the hard work. Printing typically takes up to 2 weeks, depending on the queue, and shipping takes about 4-10 days. Again, it's all about the queue. All in all, your entire project shouldn't take more than a month.


Takeaways: Low and NO MOQ printing with Genie Supply

So that's it! We totally didn't need a step-by-step, but so many of you are new to manufacturing, that we thought we'd clear the air here.

Again: If you are sourcing packaging on Aliexpress or Amazon and want it cheaper per unit (base cost) AND screenprinted, we can do it.

Ditch Aliexpress. We can source within China for typically 50-90% off. We have cheap shipping agents to help us get it done. We have no MOQ on printing.

We can do it.

A few caveats. If you have custom or extremely unique packaging and it's already at your office, outside of China, we really can't help UNLESS you mail it to our office within China first. In that case, you'd really be better off finding a local printer.

But if you have normal packaging that you can easily source on Aliexpress and want to upgrade to screenprinting your logo - find us. 

FINALLY - If you DON'T make beauty products but need the same No or Low MOQ screenprinting services in China - we've got you. It's all the same process.

Go to our low MOQ screenprinting page, choose units / # of colors in your design, add to cart, checkout, email us the design at design@geniesupply.com, then sit back and relax while we do the work.


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