UPDATED: The $1,000 Custom Lipgloss Line

Updated on December 24th, 2018:

Hi lovies!

At this point, many of you are probably wondering if ALL we do is lipgloss and lipstick. I'm beginning to wonder the same myself...

Just kidding! We have tons of projects going on. Lipgloss lines are an easy gateway (drug) to a total beauty line. Just look at Kylie Jenner and Huda! They both started with liquid lipsticks and now have ENTIRE ranges of palettes, highlighters and more.

So yes, loves, lippies are the gateway.

Today I'm here to tell you that we're making getting started EASIER than ever (is that possible!? We've already made it pretty damn easy!) with our $1,000 ALL-IN LIPGLOSS LINE.

lipgloss line.jpeg



Okay so what is it?!

Well, as you probably already know from our blog "How to Make Your Lipgloss Line", when you make a lipgloss line, you're gonna need:

- A company logo and logo design

- Colors, shimmers (optional) and finishes picked out

- A box design (for the outer box)

- A UPC code* (for retail, if you're ready)

That's a lot for a first-time entrepreneur.

So we simplified it.

For most first-timers, they've never made a design, let alone even thought about how to make a design. They might have a logo, but probably not. A box design, sticker design.. huh!?

So with the $1,000 lipgloss line, we've created the easiest, most streamlined package EVER for first-timers. It includes:

  1. 250 units of in-stock color glossy lipgloss: up to 5 colors, min. 50 units/color

  2. 250 units of tube: 1002, 1009 (A/B/C), 1014, 1015(A/B), 1018, 1019, 1023 or 1037 (see all here)

  3. 1 color logo screen-printing on your tube choice

  4. 250 ingredient stickers (standard design; per FDA requirements)

  5. All lab time and labor: batching, filling and stickering

  6. Shipping to your location (US only; extra charge for locations outside of the US)

Yes ALL of these things are included in this $1,000 package. You can have a ready-to-sell lipgloss line with your custom logo and 5 colors for $1,000. Kind of insane, no?

So.. that's it!

Questions, anyone?

Oh, yes! You!


Q1: WAit, Wait, wait: What about My Logo?

In our newest version of the $1,000 basic lippie package, we removed the logo design. HOWEVER, there are plenty of ways to get your logo designed for cheap. We will offer resources below, but you should choose at your own risk. We will not be held liable for your choice of logo design service. These are simply recommendations from previous experience and a little sleuthing.

Here they are:

  • Fiverr - Basic logo designs start as low as $5. You will need to vet out the designer and check their portfolio, but it's a low risk/high reward proposition. More expensive designers may charge $50 for a logo; I had designed for $50 over the course of 2 days on Fiverr - with a great quality of work. The only risk? You really have to do all of the vetting yourself. Fiverr maintains that the negotiation is between you and the designer; they won't get in the middle if the quality is too low. All of the risk is on you. They're simply the marketplace. Make sure you also buy a package with at least 2 revisions; you may need them. Unlimited revisions is best.

  • Google "Free Logo Design" - Plenty of services online offer artificial intelligence-driven logo creators. They ask for your company name, style, and have you decide between font styles to choose something that most looks like you. Just keep in mind that these services often let you DESIGN for free, but not keep your logo in a usable format for free. We can't screenprint a screenshot of a logo onto your tube. We need a .ai TTC file format.

  • Negotiate on Upwork - Upwork is another site like Fiverr, which lets you communicate directly with designers and freelancers around the world, but offers slightly more protection. It's also slightly more expensive.

  • Use Font Space and DIY it for free - Sites like FontSpace.com have libraries of THOUSANDS of fonts that you can (typically) use for free. Just type in your brand name and watch as all of the fonts change to YOUR brand name in THAT font. It's awesome. Check that the font can be used for commercial use. If you need to pay a commercial use fee, PAY IT. Then download the font, add it to your library, and create the logo in Adobe Illustrator. Does it sound complicated? It's not. Open AI, create a textbox, type in your logo name, create outlines, then save as .ai file. That's how you create a .ai TTC file. Done! You have a logo.

A logo does not need to be IMAGES, it can simply be text! In fact, simple is better in this day and age.  Text-only logos are the most popular, especially among high end brands.

Now again, we need a .ai TTC file. We cannot print with anything less than this.


Q2: What about Custom Colors?

This package was intentionally made to be simple. You have 1 finish: matte. You have 40+ in-stock colors to choose from. We do the design and arrange everything. You just sit back and relax.


If you MUST have custom colors, we can arrange that.  When you're ready to order, email us for a custom invoice. Custom colors are currently +$125 each.



We can do it! Our glossy lipgloss base is included in the package pricing. Matte, glitter glosses and nude micas can be substituted in for an additional upcharge.

When you add the $1000 package to cart, a form will pop-up asking for more info. Just indicate there which colors you want, and which are glossy / matte / etc. If there’s extra payment needed, we will invoice you prior to sending your private label paperwork.


Q4: How do I re-order?

At this point, 90% of our lipgloss customers are newbies, so we do not yet have a reorder page up. For now, contact us directly saying EXACTLY what you need to re-order, referencing your past order. 


Q5: Why is it so expensive per unit?

If we wanted to offer the cheapest per unit price, we'd only be talking about 20,000 units/color. We would only be talking about the lipgloss itself. We wouldn't quote you on tube, screen printing, design, stickers, lipgloss, custom color formulating, filling, shipping.. the whole thing.

The thing is, we want to keep it SIMPLE.

Keeping it SIMPLE means aggregating it all together for you, so that you only have to go to ONE place to get the entire job done.

So yes, $1000 is $4/unit at 250 units. That's a little pricey, but not really. But if you did it in all different places, you'd have tons of different expenses adding up and I highly doubt it'd end up being less than $5/unit anyway, even if you CAN find factories to do this low of MOQs (and you probably can't, because nobody out there is as crazy as we are!).

Keep in mind that the larger you scale, the cheaper it gets, and the bigger your PROFIT MARGIN gets. 

$4/unit is the CEILING at the LOWEST MOQ. It's a starting point. You can grow from here.

Plus, our formulation is BOMB.

Our $4/unit lippies can compete with $20/unit lippies at Sephora.

What's stopping you from selling them at a $20 price point?


Q5: What about Samples?

You can order them first! Matte liquid lipstick samples of IN STOCK colors (1-40) are $2 each with $3 flat fee shipping (within the US, $15 outside of the US).

You can find glossy, matte or glitter samples on the pages here (click here!).


Q6: What are you WAITING for?


That's it.

$1000 to realize your dreams.

C'mon, let's go. 

Get started with your $1000 all-in lippie line today.

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