Pantone's Color of the Year 2018 (Ultra Violet) x Lipgloss Collection

Today, Pantone announced their 2018 color of the year: Ultra Violet.

Pantone Color 18-3838, Ultra Violet

Pantone Color 18-3838, Ultra Violet

While most lamented the fanfare around choosing a "color of the year", it is by no means a new thing, nor is it pedantic, pathetic or in poor taste. Color of the Year is a Pantone tradition dating back to 2000 (not that long ago) for the 50+ year color company.

Although color may seem trivial, it's in fact what sets the tone of our day to day life, mood, expression; the core of fashion and design.

To a color cosmetics company, color is life.

To each creator we work with, color is the unique expression of their being: a culmination of culture, tradition, trajectory, growth, struggle, and triumph.

To us, Color is Life.

Color sets the tone. It sets the artists apart from the masses. It lightens, enlightens, boldens and emboldens.

Color is the universe's gift to us.

So today, we raise a glass: to color, to progress, to celebration, to the provocative and inspired, to the boundary breakers, trail blazers, taste makers, and color lovers. Today, we raise a glass to Ultra Violet.

P.S. The first client to make an Ultra Violet product gets their custom color fees waived!

Just because.



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