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At Genie Supply, we offer a variety of services, from packaging to sourcing, contract manufacturing, formulating, private label, filling, labeling and more. If you're looking for a total turnkey solution for your CBD brand right here in the USA, we can help.

For those unaware of what's going on in the CBD world (or what CBD is!) let's do a deep dive:

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First, What is CBD? ..And why are we putting it into Beauty Products?

CBD (cannabidiol) is "a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis that is believed to have a variety of medical uses (easing pain and anxiety and soothing irritated skin, among other things) and does not cause a marijuana high" (source).

In other words - skincare and cosmetic terms - CBD is an anti-inflammatory in an oil form. This makes it conducive for a range of products (night creams, oils, cleansers, foundation, lipgloss, lotion, lip balms and more) and especially beneficial for those with inflammation - for example, sufferers of acne, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema. 

In addition to reducing inflammation - CBD oil's main benefit - CBD oil can also help with:

  • immunity-boosting

  • sleep

  • mood

  • dry skin and

  • (perhaps) anxiety

Additionally, CBD oil can be used as a substitute for other animal-derived waxes and oils and animal by-products. In other words, it's a great vegan - or green (pun certainly intended) - choice for consumers.

Are you starting to see where CBD can fit in? Whether you market to a specific CBD-savvy niche or have in mind to create a mass-market product, there's plenty of new, awesome and beneficial uses for CBD. 


What about CBD Regulation?

While the FDA takes a pretty hard stance on claims of skincare and beauty products (e.g. you cannot label your skincare as one that helps with eczema, as this is a medical claim;), CBD oil has been in the news so much lately that its benefits are widely known. You don't even have to make claims if the media is making them for you.

Here's where the FDA stands:

"The FDA has made it clear that CBD products cannot be sold as dietary supplements because CBD is “authorized for investigation as a new drug,” a classification that disallows products from being sold as dietary supplements while under clinical investigation." (source)

However, unlike marijuana, hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states because "it contains only trace amounts of THC, and it’s becoming a hugely popular ingredient in the beauty world, thanks to its prevalence of vitamin E, omega fatty acids and chill vibes." (source)

For now CBD oil regulation is up to the states - if they even want to regulate it. Most states have remained mumm or have chosen not to make CBD illegal (including Indiana, where our lab is located - a traditionally ultra-conservative state; update: Indiana has since made legislation allowing for CBD, as long as brands abide by their labeling guide.). There are some legalities when it comes to labeling, but we will send you a list and review these together before you print packaging or sell your products.

Although regulation is sparse, stay up-to-date. Check your state and local ordinances to make sure you're complying. Most states do have some regulation around marketing your CBD products. Speak with your lawyer about what labeling or other local or federal requirements you may need to follow.


What about THC in Makeup and Skincare?

In states where recreational use of marijuana is legal, you may see THC in both makeup and skincare products, as well as CBD oil. However, as of now, THC is not legal in most states, nor is it legal federally. You may only sell THC-infused products locally in states where recreational marijuana is approved, and even then, the federal government can always step in and shut your operations down if they choose.

At this point in time, we recommend sticking with CBD oil products instead. If and when marijuana use is made legal federally, we will revisit the topic here on the blog!


CBD Cosmetics vs Skincare - What's the Difference?

There's a big difference between dietary supplements and cosmetics, though all are regulated by the FDA.

When we talk about cosmetics and skincare, both are made to enhance the appearance of the user, are NOT medicines or drugs, and CANNOT make claims about what they can do to change the structure or function of the body.


How Can I Prepare for my CBD Skincare / Cosmetics company?

Hemp Seed oil (cannabis sativa seed oil) is fine for use in cosmetics in the United States with no issues, but one should just follow INCI labeling. 

CBD, however, should be labeled as “Cannabis Sativa Extract” or “Hemp Extract”. Again, follow all local and state laws regarding CBD and CBD labeling. Please be aware that CBD/cannabis is a highly volatile industry and the regulations may change overnight. 

Here's some tips we have, to prepare yourself:

  • Follow all existing FDA packaging and labeling requirements. Label Cannabis Sativa oil in the ingredient listing, following INCI nomenclature.

  • Stay flexible with inventory, manufacturers and vendors.

  • Keep batches relatively small.

  • Be ready to change labeling on a moment's notice - whether you need new stickers, new boxes, or totally new labeling altogether. Work with a manufacturer (like us!) that can creatively assist just as quickly.

  • Read up on Senate Enrolled Act No. 52 (Indiana law), as we will require you to follow these packaging standards at a minimum. The packaging regulations can be found on page 7.

  • Stay up to date on CBD legislation changes in your state and country. Retain a lawyer that specializes in CBD products.

Legislation can change overnight (like it did in Michigan today!), so please be careful and stay on top of your state laws!


Ready to Get Started on Your CBD Skincare or Makeup Line?

We're your manufacturer! Whether you want to create a custom formulation or private label one of our existing ones, give us a call or shoot us an email. Tell us your idea, your budget, and what you've been up to so far. Together we can find something that works for you - turnkey. That includes packaging,  logo screenprinting or stickering, formulation, filling and assembly.

We incorporate CBD oil into many products, including:

  • Anti-aging / night / face creams

  • Face and Body Oils

  • Body lotion and butter

  • Bath Soaks

  • Lipstick, Lipgloss or Lip Balm

  • Foundation

  • Liquid / Jelly highlighter

  • Mascara or brow products

  • Acne / OCM oils

  • Shimmering beauty products

  • Sleeping Masks

  • Water Creams

  • Anything you can imagine!

CBD oil is a rapidly changing industry, but together we can innovate, stay nimble, and get sh*t done. Contact us today!