Q1: What Products Can You ManufacTure? Do You Only Create Lipstick and Lipgloss?

We can create any skincare or cosmetic formulation. We receive requests extremely frequently for lipgloss and lipsticks, so we put together a few packages to make the process easy.

We regularly create lipbalms, lipsticks, foundation, concealer, highlighters, and a whole range of skincare products from face oils to night creams to face washes. We can even create shampoo and body wash! We work in every medium, from powder to creams, gelees and jellies, to thin or thick liquids and oils. We love making new-to-market products, so try us!

Q2: Do You Create My Entire Line and Market it For me?

While we do create turnkey cosmetic products, we do not offer turnkey cosmetic companies. We cannot market your products for you. We can act as a packaging agent and product manufacturer, but not a marketer or distributor.

Q3: Where's Your Price List?

How mUch Does Your Lipgloss Cost Per Tube?

There is no price list or "one size fits all" answer for this. We work in turnkey packages and create custom orders. We don't have a pricing sheet.

 If you start with our basic starter pack ($1000 / 250 tubes of lipgloss), the current rate is $4/tube. This includes the tube, 1 color logo screen-printing, in-stock color of matte lipgloss and an ingredient sticker. If you need anything edited or changed - from quantity, to items, to finishes to packaging - prices will change. That's how custom packages work. Custom works needs a custom price. Similarly, re-orders will be custom priced, depending on what you order. There's no set price or re-order price. 

The reason we created the starter package was to offer the most we could, in the simplest format, for the least amount of money, in order to help entrepreneurs just get started. The starter pack is not all we offer and it's not even the standard pricing, but we can't give a "price per tube" when we have no idea what you'd like to order.

If you have pricing goals (e.g. $1.50 per tube of lipgloss), let's look at those together. We can find a quantity at which we can meet those goals.

Q4: Are You Sold Out Of custom Packages?

We're not, no! Although we may be sold out of a certain tube choice from time to time, we're never "sold out" of our custom packages, but we have set standards.  There's needs to be a mutually beneficial fit, built on the base of mutual respect and professionalism. As of January 2018, all custom packages will be quoted and invoiced privately to clients.

Q5: I have less than $1000. What's the best way to start?

Our most affordable package at this time is the basic starter package. It includes 300 (75 units/4 in-stock colors) of lipglpss.  You can substitute in a glossy base or nude mica gloss for a small per unit up charge.

Q6: How can I order Samples?

For in-stock matte, glossy, nude mica lipglosses AND highlighters/eyeshadows, we have samples available for $2 each plus shipping. You can browse samples and swatches directly on our site, add to cart, and order! The main sample page is here. Most packaging samples are also $2.

For custom color samples ($125+ each), please also visit the sampling page to complete your order online.

Q7: Do you create logos or designs?

We no longer offer design services. For ideas on affordable ways to find a designer, please read Q1 in our Q&A here. It is expected that - to begin your project - you will have all designs ready in .ai TTC format. They must be designed for manufacturing, or there will be delays to your project.

Q8: How do I create my custom colors?

If you are ordering a package with custom colors, we ask that you choose a HEX CODE for the color or send a sample to us. We have outlined this process step by step here.

Q9: Can I just speak with someone on the phone? i NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE.

Yes, you can. We are open M-F from 8am-4pm EST. You can call us at 812-329-1105.

However: We do ask that you please review all available information on the site first before calling. We are a small, lean team and the only way to keep everything affordable, made in the USA and available at low minimum order quantities is to limit the amount of time spent getting each client from Point A to Point B.  That's why we write so many Q&As and blogs, to help streamline the process!

Q10: How Long Will My Order Take?

That depends entirely on what you've ordered and how many orders we have in the queue. The best way to find out is by asking your rep at the time you've placed your order. Until we receive payment, we cannot set batch dates for your order.

Custom orders can take anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the project. 


For any and all orders on our online store or via invoice, there are no returns, cancelations or exchanges. All orders are final.

For issues with a full/custom order, please contact your rep directly.

Don't see your question answered here? Head to the Contact Us page to submit a message!