CBD Lip Toppers

CBD Lip Toppers


Our light and shimmering lip toppers, great lone or the perfect top-off to any lip! Available in a variety of single chrome, duo chrome and triple chrome colors for sampling. Private labeling available.

Each sample contains 1mg of hemp-derived CBD.

Color descriptions below:

  • MDMA - a duochrome of gold to pink to green

  • Gilded Raspberry - a cool pink tone with gold shimmer

  • Stardust - A light gold tone with pink and green flecks, green undertones

  • Clicquot - A light gold tone with pink and green flecks, pink undertones

  • 24K - small gold particle size with no other color/reflection

  • Chella - A bright pink with large gold flecks. The gold flecks have a reflective quality.

  • Baby - A cool blue tone with pink/green/silver reflective flecks.

  • Yellow Gold Glitz - Large bronze/golid particle

  • Sugar - Silver/white with pink/green/blue reflective flecks.

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