Create Your Custom Color Lipstick Line (Made in USA, Vegan)

Create Your Custom Color Lipstick Line (Made in USA, Vegan)

from 725.00

Choose your colors + your tube, and we'll customize your line by printing your logo on the tube and creating a custom box. We will fill the tubes with your custom lipsticks, assemble them into boxes (+$), sticker them, and they'll arrive at your doorstep ready to sell!

If you're not quite ready to order, please head to the LIPSTICK SAMPLING PAGE to order your custom samples.

First, for pricing purposes, choose:

- Number of total units

- Number of colors (private label, nude micas, and/or custom colors)

- Custom Box/No Box (+$)

Then, in the custom form choose:

- Exact colors

- Tube choice

DESIGNS ARE NOT INCLUDED. You will need to bring your own, finished ready-for-manufacturing designs in .ai TTC format.

Please note: Units will be split evenly between colors, at either 100 / 200 / 250 / 500 or 1000 units. Therefore, not every combination is available. Additionally, pricing is for 1 color logo printing. 

If you are having issues or don't see what you want here, please contact us directly!

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Custom Box:
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