NUDE MICA COLLECTION Private Label Lipgloss Samples

NUDE MICA COLLECTION Private Label Lipgloss Samples


All samples are 1ml in size with a glossy base. Samples are intended to help make selections of in-stock colors.

This product is:

  • Vegan*

  • Cruelty-free

  • Paraben, sulfate, pthalate-free

  • Never tested on animals

  • Made in the USA

  • Made with FDA-compliant and lip-safe pigments ONLY

KH204 “White Gold” - A Light, Metallic gold with small shimmer particles; cool undertones

KI102 “Liquid Gold” - A true medium gold with cool undertones; small shimmer particles

KQ404 “Yellow Gold Glitz” - medium mica particles in a yellow gold; resembles a glitter gloss

KJ202 “Rose Copper” - A metallic take on rose gold; undetectable shimmer size; paints on solid. Cool or neutral? You decide. Like Yanny/Laurel, we’re torn.

KB404 “Metallic Copper” - A slightly warmer take on the metallic rose gold (KJ202). Paints on like a solid metallic gloss with shimmer particles too small to be distinguished by the naked eye.

KA102 - “Chocolate Goddess” - If Godiva sold this gloss, they might call it 60% cacao. Slightly warm, medium brown, undetectable particle size.

KG204 "Espresso” - A cool, deep, metallic brown. Darker than most foundation lines dare to go (shade intended).

KO104 “Cranberry Compote” - A medium-deep, opaque, red with the slightest tinge of brown, making it perfect for darker skin tones. The least shimmery of all the micas in this collection.

KM403 “Dragon’s Blood” - A medium brick-red hued mica with distinguishable (medium) green and blue shimmer.

KO302 “Gilded Raspberry” - A glossy, ripe, strawberry pink that glimmers gold in the light. Duo-toned mica. Small, detectable gold shimmer particles.

KF101 - “Bellini” - A light, bright, ever-so-slightly-gold pink that will have you reminiscing about your 90s childhood. Small, detectable gold shimmer particles.

KS401 “Fairy Dust” - A cool, raspberry jam-to-blue mica. The strangest - and yet, most alluring - color combo of the collection.

KL402 - “Frosted Copper” - A light copper gold with metallic frosting; no visible shimmer particles.

KF403 - "Bronzed Gold" - A richer version of KL402, pulls warm gold and copper tones; metallic finish; no visible shimmer particles.

KB304 - "The Golden Ticket" - If Willy Wonka’s golden tickets weren’t this color, he messed up. An even richer version of KF403 (bronzed gold). A deep copper metallic tone; no visible shimmer particles.

KO101 - "Milk Chocolate" - We’d call it Hershey’s Milk Chocolate if we wouldn’t get sued. Absolutely no shimmer or visible particles. A smooth, milky brown, just like the name indicates.

KA402 - "Gilded Chocolate" - A deeper chocolate bronze, with a gold finish. Duo-tone mica. No visible particles.

LM304 - "Galaxy" - The deepest brown base (perhaps black) with a visible gold duo-tone. Duo-tone is metallic, not shimmer. Absolutely stunning.

*Gilded raspberry’s mica pigment contains carmine.

**Please note that lighting or other factors may affect the way that the color is represented in the photo. Some differences may appear.*

 Ingredients: Hydrogenated polyisobutene, styrene/ethylene/propylene copolymer, butylene/ethylene/styrene copolymer, mica, silica. Pigments vary by color choice.

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