Our Services

You're an entrepreneur. You're busy. We get it (we really do!). Whether you're an Etsypreneur or selling massive P.O.s to Sephora, sometimes you just need a little help. That's where we come in. Get the help you need to manufacture the product you want, by choosing one or more of our services below:


Factory + Materials Sourcing

In an industry that relies on trade secrets, it can be difficult--if not impossible--to find the factory you need to manufacture the products you want. We find the factory that fits your project and negotiate until we find the materials, colors and standards you need for us to get the job done together.


Sample Production + Manufacturing Oversight

Samples are important to making any product correctly, but the stakes go way up when you're creating something from scratch. From overseeing sample production to supervising the entire batch, we are your eyes and ears on the ground in China.


Quality Control

QC standards need to be negotiated before the purchase order is signed.. but how? Add in the cultural and language barriers--now you've got a headache. Our experience in the factory and on the production line helps us create QC standards that you, we and the factory feel comfortable with, and implement them in an enforceable manner.