Our Certifications

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The certifications and paperwork that you might need depend on what you’re selling, where you’re selling and who you’re selling your products to. Luckily, we can handle many of the certifications you need. Here’s a little more info on the certifications that we offer, below:

Clean At Sephora - Clean at Sephora is a set of standards that define what “clean beauty” means when shopping at Sephora. We can ensure “Clean at Sephora” standards on most private label and all custom formulation products upon request. Please ask your account representative if your favorite formula meets “Clean at Sephora” standards, and if not, how it can be adjusted to meet these standards.

Credo Clean Beauty Standards - Credo Beauty is one of the forerunning standards of clean beauty. We can meet (and even exceed!) Credo Clean Beauty standards on custom formulation products. In our private label CBD catalog, we have also marked which products meet Credo’s current standards, by marking them with a “clean” symbol (the green leaf).

Certificate of Analysis for CBD - We offer 3rd party Certificates of Analysis for all CBD used in all products. Our CBD also comes with reports on microbiology, residual solvents, pesticides/heavy metals/myctoxins and all potency / terpene profiles. We can also help with stricter compliance documents, like those required by the state of Indiana, which require the amount of CBD to be listed, ingredients, batch codes, batch sizes, and a bit more. Please contact your rep for all things CBD compliance.

Certificate of Analysis for Products - We can offer CoAs for all products mass manufactured in house at no additional fee (with your full, paid order).

EWG Verified - The environmental working group (EWG) allows people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment by educating consumers and directing their choices. We can help with formulating products that meet EWG standards.

Leaping Bunny - Leaping Bunny is an organization that promotes the cruelty-free manufacturing of products from ingredients all the way to end product. You can begin the process of becoming leaping bunny approved by clicking the link above.

Made in the USA - All of our formulations are made here in our lab in Bedford, Indiana.

MSDS - Available with a full order. Contact your rep for details.

Whole Foods Approved - Whole Foods sets their own list of acceptable and unacceptable ingredients in products. We can formulate beauty products that meet Whole Food standards (and many of our private label products already meet their standards!). Ask your account rep if your product meets Whole Foods standards or can be adapted to do so.

Vegan and Cruelty-free - We can work with you to ensure your products are vegan and cruelty-free.

For Gluten-free, Soy-free, or other claims, please check with your account representative for the available claims on your specific formulation.